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Ecu Master EMU Black

Ny ecu från Ecumaster med fler in/utgångar och inbyggd DBW. Och den kan skicka ut 12V på utgångarna så den kan styra bmw S54 vanos direkt utan modifiering! I grundpaketet ingår kontakt med stift, så köp till flying lead samt bredbandslambda och kontakt för den.

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10 995,00 kr

ECUMASTER EMU BLACK is a universal engine control computer that manages the operation of spark-ignition engines, and is designed to work with the most advanced and complex currently available engines. It is the successor to our proven system, the ECUMaster EMU. The main applications for the EMU Black are modified race cars, passenger cars, motorcycles, boats, and stationary engine applications.
EMU Black features sophisticated strategies for drive-by-wire throttles, providing a wide range of control with advanced algorithm reliability (fault / error) and failsafe provisions. System capabilities will increase over time because of the ease of upgrading (free) firmware (eg. New strategies, trigger patterns, CAN-Bus data streams).

Operating temperature range: AECQ100 Grade2 (-40 to + 105C)
Reverse polarity/short circuit protection: YES (built-in)
Operating voltage: 6-22V (resistance to transients according to ISO 7637)
Housing: IP 65, CNC aluminum, designed by ECUMaster
Dimensions (mm) Weight (g): 150x72x31, 390
Electrical connectors: 1×24, 1×39 FCI specifications Automotive
PC Communication: USB (via the Windows software suite), serial, CAN-Bus

-8 Injectors (5A protected, low side)
-6 Ignition (15A rated, protected, for passive or active coils, up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark)
-6 Auxiliary Outputs (5A protected, low side)
-‘Full bridge’ rated to 7 Amps, can be used as separate outputs or 2 x H-Bridges
-WBO Heater: Rated to 5A (low side)

– 9 analog inputs with a resolution of 10Bits, 0-5V (protected)
– 2 EGT input (type K thermocouple)
– 2 knock sensor inputs
– Lambda probe: Bosch LSU 4.2, LSU 4.9 or Narrowband
– 3 Trigger Inputs (crankshaft, 2x camshafts) Hall / VR (defined in the software)
– 1 vehicle speed sensor (Hall / VR) (Front/Rear wheel speed coming soon)
– 1 dedicated Flex Fuel Sensor input
– 3 switched inputs (switchable to ground)

– Temperature: IAT, CLT, Oil temp., AC EVAP temp, Fuel Temp via Ethanol Content Sensor
– Pressure: Oil, fuel (defined characteristics), Air pressure (MAP/EMAP)
– Lambda: LSU 4.2 (embedded controller), 4.9 (embedded controller), narrowband probe, or external controller
– Frequency: Vehicle speed sensor (VR / HALL) Gear sensor (sensor or calculation)

– 6 output channels (passive and active coils – software definable, up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark)
– Supported triggers: N-1, N-2, N-3, N + 1, Multitooth, Subaru triggers, trigger Nissan, Lotus Elise, Audi trigger, – Renault Clio Williams / Alpine, Colt 1.5CZT
– Ignition Table: 2 tables 16×20 (load x speed), resolution of 0.5 degrees
– Per-Cylinder Ignition Corrections: Yes
– Coil Dwell Correction: YES, wizard selectable for popular coils, or can be user-set
– Additional correction strategies: CLT, IAT, TPS vs MAP, Nitrous, Idle, Knock sensor, LC, Pit limiter, ALS, Flat = shift, Timers, Acc.enrichment

– Injector Outputs: 8 High Impedance Injectors (full sequential, up to 12 semi-sequential)
– Adjustment of injection angle: 0-720 degrees
– Latency correction for voltage: YES, wizard for popular applications, user-definable
– Fueling strategies: VE based on “speed density” or “Alpha N” strategies, with additional modifiers
– Air charge temp: Based on IAT and CLT
– VE Tables: two 16×20 (Load x RPM), accuracy 0.1%
– Individual cylinder trim: Yes
– Staged injection: Yes
– Additional Correction Strategies: Oxygen sensor Corrections, EGT correction (per cylinder), BARO, TPS vs MAP, TPS vs RPM, warmup, Nitrous, LC, ALS, ASE, Fuel pressure, Knock, Leanout protection
– Real-time correction based on Lambda sensor: Uses Lambda / AFR target map

– Channels: 2
– Frequency range: 1-20kHz, 3rd order AAF
– Sampling: Ignition event driven, knock window
– Definable events: ignition retard, fuel enrichment, dash light indication
– Variable valve timing:
– Supported strategies: VVTi, MIVEC, VANOS, Dual VANOS, AVCS
– Number of variable cams supported: 2
– Control Strategies: PID based on closed loop referencing ‘CAM angle target’ (12×12)

Idle Control:
– Types of control: PWM solenoids (2.3 lines), ‘drive-by-wire’, stepper motors (unipolar and bi), ignition cut, cut fuel
– Control Strategies: Open / Close loop, Ignition modification, Ignition cut
– VE Corrections: Yes, Alpha-N
– Corrections: Load (air conditioning clutch, cooling fan load), or definable analog inputs

– Control Strategies: Advanced 3D PID Algorithm plus static friction compensation
– Supported e-throttles: All DC motors requiring less than 6,5A, 28 popular E-throttles supported in DBW wizard menus
– ‘PPS characteristic maps’: 3D tables referencing commanded VS. actual throttle angle and RPM, driver switchable
– Downshift Blip Support: Yes
– Rally-Style Antilag Support: Yes

– Strategies: Delta RPM, gear compensation, F/R wheel speed (coming soon)
– Reduction of torque: cutting the ignition using the 3D map (16×20)
– Sensitivity control: with 10 positional rotary switch

– ‘Boost ref’ and ‘target-tables’: 2 sets of maps 10×10 (TPS vs RPM)
– Control Strategies: Open / Closed loop (PID based)
– Corrections: Gear, VSS, IAT, EGT

– CAN standard: 2.0A 125, 250, 500, 1000 kBps
– Supported protocols: CAN ECUMASTER, Motec M800 Set 1, Haltech E8 E11v2, Pectel SQ 6, AEM
– Supported vehicle protocols: E46 BMW, Citroen C2, Mazda RX8, Ford ST, Polaris RZR, R53 Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, Renault Clio, Lotus, Ford Fiesta, Ford ST, EVO X (AYC support) and many more.

– Lambda guard: Engine protection for lean conditions, safety strategies for fuel enrichment, partial throttle closure, and reduction of boost pressure
– User-definable critical values for sensors: Yes
– Displaying error or critical value: Yes (user definable)
– Overtemp protection: Yes (Oil Temp and CLT), definable by the user, RPM limit
– Protection for low oil pressure: Yes, definable by the user, turn off the engine if necessary
– Protection low fuel pressure: Yes, delta fuel pressure compensation, RPM limit, turn off the engine if necessary
– Protection for high EGT: Alarm, per cylinder fuel trim, boost limit

– Measurement of ethanol content: Yes
– Fuel Density Compensation: Yes
– Blending between maps: VE, IGN, Lambda / AFR, Boost, Cranking fuel, ASE, Warmup
– Fuel temperature / PWM Correction: Yes

– ALS: 2 independent settings ALS, DBW support
– Shift light: for each gear
– Launch control: Yes
– Gear cut: Yes (open loop), DBW blip supported source: Switch, load cell, CAN
– Pit limiter: Yes
– Rolling anti lag: Yes

– Unused Injector outputs repurposed as Aux outputs: Yes
– Input/Output functions: fuel pump, radiator fans, start/stop button, nitrous oxide, map switching, 3D PWM outputs, A/C clutch control, main relay control, speedometer, tachometer and other …
– Password Protection: Yes, 2 levels of control
– Timers: Fuel, Ignition, Boost timers controlled by virtual outputs
– Serial protocol for dash displays: AIM, RaceTechnology
– Autotune: Yes
– Built-in oscilloscope: Yes
– Login: Log in real time to a PC, log to external loggers using serial or CAN (eg. EDL-1 Ecumaster Data Logger)